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Eliet Major 4S Chipper

Eliet Major 4S Chipper


The ELIET MAJOR 4S is an appreciated tool for both the demanding home gardeners as the professional. The machine is compact and light, and thus pass through the tiniest loophole to at hout. The large inlet opening offers great comfort when entering thick and strong branches with twigs up to 55 mm thick.



A professional machine should be made of the best quality. ELIET has therefore opted resolutely for a frame which is made of high quality steel and completely welded.



The ELIET Major Minor a very wide feed opening. The built-up guide funnel is useful to perform a number of branches at the same time in the machine.



20 razor-sharp blades shred the most diverse garden waste into fine shreds. In addition, you can reverse the blades so they last twice as long. The patented ELIET Chopping Principle ensures that the blades cut the wood in the fiber direction, which uses much less power. The blades also reach an extremely broad field of action and thus ensure that all shreds mercilessly before leaving the grinding chamber.



As it befits a professional machine, everything is set for a long life. For example, chose ELIET to transmit the power through a belt transmission. With insurmountable obstacles the stroke of a sudden log is absorbed by the belt, and not by the shaft of the motor. Thus, fatigue of the crankshaft is avoided, which is of course advantageous to the life of the engine.



All ELIET chippers are easily portable.. The tires ensure that the vibrations while working are properly damped, keeping the machine in a more stable state.


Gravely Mowers are MADE TO ORDER, contact us for pricing and delivery details.

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